5 Simple Laws of Successful Selling

5 Simple Laws of Successful Selling

Have you ever wondered why some customers buy and others don’t even though you offered the same thing to both types of customers and they had identical problems and requirements?

There might be some external factors that we cannot control yet we can always thrive to mold our behavior and the way we sell to fit the circumstance we are faced with.

These are the simple laws that will help you sell more to any type of customer in order to achieve your goals and targets.


1. Have the right attitude.


can do

They say:“The sale is made in your mind before it is made in reality.”  In other words, you must have the right expectation and attitude towards the sale!  You have to really believe in the product or service you are offering and you have to feel that you are there to help your customer get what they want and not just to sell them something so that you can hit your target.


 2. Rapport



You’ve heard the expression: “People buy from people they like and trust.”What are you doing to make the customer like you, trust you so that they are comfortable in dealing with you?As sales professional you need to be aware of the various personalities and predominant behaviors of people.  Treating people the way they like to be treated will open channels of communication which will lead to improved trust and rapport.  After all, that improvement will bring down any resistance and will lead the customer to discuss their problems and needs with you more openly.


3. Finding a pressing need



Have you ever had a customer who you felt was a bit desperate to buy your product or service?  Maybe they had to meet a sudden order, had little time or resources available, or simply had run out of options?  These conditions create a “pressing need” that prompts them to take action and resolve whatever need or issue they may have.


Unfortunately, in most situations, the customers themselves are not aware of a “pressing need” and they confuse that with simply looking at the price!   It’s through trust that you are able to have an open conversation with your customers and together with them you discuss their goals, any obstacles they may face in achieving them, the risk they may face with other alternatives and how your solution meet their needs to achieve their goals. In turn, the customer will conclude the need to take action and place the order.


4. Offering the right or relevant solution.



Have you ever had a sales rep that talks, talks and talks about all the various features of their product…  Probably you lost interest after 20 seconds!  Well, you need to talk only about the elements of your product or service that are relevant to the customer needs and goals.  As you do, you can confirm that what you are describing is of value to the customer by saying: “is this element important for you?”  or “is this what you had in mind?”


If they answer anything other than yes, then find out why not and go back to describing the elements that meet their needs.  Otherwise, you would have offered them a relevant solution and you are ready to go to the below step and ask them your closing question.


5. Closing question

closing Question


A closing question only can happen when you follow the previous 4 steps.  It’s the culmination of a proper interaction between 2 or more people.  It can’t be pushy, nor selfish!  If you followed the previous steps properly, you get to point 4 and the customer is telling you yes, they can benefit from your solution. Here is where you simply ask them to move forward with their decision!


You can say: “Great, sounds like you can really benefit from this solution.  How soon would you like to get started?” or “When would you like to start receiving the value this solution can bring to you and your business?”


Based on above points, selling is mainly communicating.  Some people are terrified by that!  Well, my goal is to shed some light on the topic and remind you that you are only 2 or 3 conversations away from getting what you want.  Always remember to give your customers what they want first so that you can get what you want!


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