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Why Star Salespeople Sometimes Make Bad Sales Leaders

Have you ever been promoted to a sales leadership position and felt unprepared to handle the new challenge? Or perhaps ...
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4 main selling activities that you should be doing more of..

As a professional we have the opportunity to doing so many things other than selling. When we are in business, ...
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Develop your sales team - Ramez Helou - Sales Keynote Speaker

Why Equal Isn’t Always Good?

What’s the best way to allocate your time to develop your sales team members? The answer is completely different from what you ...
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Two Styles of a Sales Leader | Ramez Helou: Best Sales Keynote Speaker

As a Leader, which side are you on more?

Normally, there are Two simple styles to lead your sales team to the next level. Which one are you? Watch ...
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closing ratio

How To Increase Your Closing Ratio?

As a sales rep, one of the key performance measures you have is to have a great closing ratio. It’s ...
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How to Achieve More Productivity in Merchandising

Productivity is one of the buzz words. It’s not about getting more by doing more but it’s all about getting ...
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How to Spot Top Sales People?

It’s pretty hard to achieve a sales goal if you don’t have the top sale people on board. It’s even ...
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customer's right

Are You Too Busy Handling the Wrong Customers?

When I started my career in sales, I was motivated to see all the customers I could find.  I realized ...
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The Perfect Mindset of a Salesperson.

Your success in any field is solely depends upon your belief system. The difference between a true believer and a ...
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5 Simple Laws of Successful Selling

Have you ever wondered why some customers buy and others don’t even though you offered the same thing to both ...
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