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As a Leader, which side are you on more?

Normally, there are Two simple styles to lead your sales team to the next level.

Which one are you?


Watch this 2min video and find out!


How To Increase Your Closing Ratio?

As a sales rep, one of the key performance measures you have is to have a great closing ratio. It’s about how many deals you can convert and close, and prevent your customers from not buying from you, or worse, buying from your competitors. Increasing your closing ratio lets you achieve your goals and targets faster and outperform, and in order to achieve this, you need to focus on three key things. Read More

How to Achieve More Productivity in Merchandising

Productivity is one of the buzz words. It’s not about getting more by doing more but it’s all about getting more by doing less.In the context of retail selling, according to David barker, the biggest challenge in driving sales is merchandising a product.

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How to Spot Top Sales People?

It’s pretty hard to achieve a sales goal if you don’t have the top sale people on board.



It’s even harder to find top sales reps if you don’t know what they look and sound like! While there is no 100% accurate formula that achieves sales recruitment success, let me share with you some ideas you can quickly put to use and improve your results. Read More

Are You Too Busy Handling the Wrong Customers?

When I started my career in sales, I was motivated to see all the customers I could find.  I realized that some customers would never buy no matter what I did while others seem to buy without much effort from my side. When I started looking deeper in, I realized that I was not meeting with my ideal customers. Read More

The Perfect Mindset of a Salesperson.

Your success in any field is solely depends upon your belief system. The difference between a true believer and a mere salesperson plays a crucial role in whether a sale is made or lost. Read More

5 Simple Laws of Successful Selling

Have you ever wondered why some customers buy and others don’t even though you offered the same thing to both types of customers and they had identical problems and requirements?

There might be some external factors that we cannot control yet we can always thrive to mold our behavior and the way we sell to fit the circumstance we are faced with. Read More

Something for Something! A Simple Way to Survive the Discount War.

Have you heard the expression “something for nothing”? Everybody wants something for nothing or in other words, they want you to give them whatever you’re selling for free. As much as you’d love to do that it just can’t happen. Read More

Who Owns Your Customers? This Can Be Your Company’s Worst Nightmare!

“If the person you are dealing with inside your customers’ account who is giving you the business moves to another company, how confident are you that their replacement will continue to deal with you?” Read More

4 People to Approach in an Organization to Win the Deal in B2B Sales

“Do you have to hit your target!”

Many sales professionals are running around to ensure they hit their targets.  They end up giving forecasts and projections to their management only to fall short. Of course one of the biggest mistakes that individuals commit in B2B selling is they don’t understand the basic rules of how an organization actually buys.  Ignoring these rules can be deadly to your sales career.  If you apply them, you will rise to the top of your field and other will call you a sales super star!  Why is that important? Read More