Effective Sales Presentation Skills

Performance depends on our ability deliver the needed results through our own effort and that of others. In an ever changing and fast moving environment, knowing how to present our ideas effectively and gain increments in productivity through various time empowerment strategies can have the biggest impact on productivity of an individual and the companies they serve.

Getting improvements in productivity not only helps the organizational goals, yet according to Watson Wyatt Study of 115 companies in 2009, it showed that “Companies with engaged staff” achieve a financial performance FOUR times that of a company with unengaged staff… (Engaged staff here means trained staff.)



By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to improve their

  • Presentation skills
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Efficiency and motivation to drive the business results

English, Arabic, Spanish and French


2-3 Days program supported with videos and audios, and weekly coaching and mentoring webinars.


Principles of effective presentations: The Present Model ™

  • Introduction and what makes great presentation.
  • P:urpose of presentation.
  • R:eview audience
  • E:ngineer your content (organizing ideas)
  • S:et your presentation design
  • E:ngage with audience through visuals
  • N:erve control. How to show confidence, delivery do’s and don’t (body language, tonality, words used)
  • T: o stay in control (how to handle questions effectively)
  • The Results Model ™ will expose delegates to world class principles to optimize their time resulting in improved increased productivity and overall job and personal satisfaction.
  • R: eflect upon your goals and values
  • E:xecute your plan
  • S:tructure your day
  • U:ltimate efficiency tools
  • L: earning on a continuous basis
  • T: ime prioritization
  • S: tart now and beat procrastination