Key Account Management

This program allows the account managers to define, structure and execute their key account plans to achieve the organizations’ long term objectives by


Defining Key Account Management process

  • Selling verses KAM
  • The buying process
  • The buying influencers


Structuring KAM processes

  • Account planning and prioritization
  • Managing the relationship

English, Arabic, Spanish and French




This will be a live workshop where participants identify their key clients, build their own case studies around those clients and learn to practice well planned engagement with their clients to generate desired results. Through role playing exercises, participants internalize their newly learned skills. The learning process is supported by webinars, live sessions where applicable, access to forums/communities for discussions.


Defining Key Account Management process

  • Role of a Key Account Manager
  • Difference between a normal sales person and a Key Account Manager


Benefits of KAM

  • Decision making process in organizations
  • Different factors and people influencing the decision making process
  • Structuring KAM process
  • Prioritizing the accounts


Understanding customer’s pressures

  • Macro environment analysis for client
  • Analyzing other factors influencing the client
  • Different types of relationships and sales results associated with them


Executing the strategy

  • Pre-call planning based on research and analysis
  • In-call plan – employing strategy and skills according to different stages
    • Opening
    • Need analysis
    • Presenting solution
    • Closing
  • Post call – follow up and measurement




Key account managers, sales managers, sales directors and other “C” level executives that are involved in Key Account customer engagements will greatly benefit from this course.