Merchandising Skills

“The retail store’s shelf is the final battleground… If it’s advertising that gets customers into the store, it’s merchandising that gets them to select one product over another once they’re there” -William Keenan


  • Do your sales delegates understand the role and importance of merchandising within an overall commercial plan?
  • Do they truly understand the key variables that make up a practical merchandising solution?
  • Do they know how the shopper/consumer interacts and what critical steps need to take place so your product wins at the point of purchase?
  • Do they know their competitive edge?
  • Do you want to sell more?


Essential Merchandising Skills is a training course that uses proven techniques to yield measurable results. This is an action based course using the proven Science of Merchandising Skills techniques that have resulted in 80% increase in sales if practiced correctly.


English, Arabic, Spanish and French



2-3 Days program supported with videos and audios, and weekly coaching and mentoring webinars.


Particpants will be enabled with specific skills to maximize in-store sales and minimize wastage and out of stock situations. Topics Include:

  • Basic Principles of Merchandising
  • Merchandising as a critical part of influencing the Point of Purchase in an outlet
  • Merchandising Key Themes
  • Right product, at the Right time, at the Right place, at the Right Quantity and the Right quality
  • How to Merchandise to stimulate the shoppers senses
  • Fundamental differences between a shopper and a consumer
  • Understanding: Traffic Flow, Traffic Builders, Sign posts, Hot spots, How to Merchandise to stimulate the shoppers senses, Merchandising guidelines, Fundamentals Best Practices.



Sales Managers, Merchandisers, Merchandiser Managers, Merchandising Supervisor, Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Key Account Managers.