Sales and Negotiation Bootcamp

Do you feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed trying to negotiate with your clients?

Get ready to discover the “Secrets to Negotiating” the Best deals all the time so you can confidently negotiate, close more deals and earn more money!


English, Arabic, Spanish and French



During this “Boot Camp” you will discover:

  • Why people negotiate and how to develop the mindset, beliefs and traits of effective negotiators
  • The traits of successful negotiators
  • How to qualify your prospective buyers and negotiate when there are multiple decision makers involved.
  • How to shift the power in the negotiation to your favor
  • How to overcome intimidation and emotional obstacles
  • How to create satisfied customers even if they pay a premium for your product or services
  • The secret to lead win/win negotiations with ease and feel good about it
  • The method to spot and neutralize negotiation tricks so that you retain your margins
  • The 4 negotiations styles and when to use them
  • The 3 most important steps to plan and negotiate anything like a pro!
  • Stop dreaming and start getting more of what you want by Negotiating better now!




B2B Sales Professionals, B2C Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs