Selling Made Easy

This course enables the participants to excel in developing and strengthening core selling skills and competence that allow them to attract more clients, build value added relationships with their customers that create win win results.

For sales people, business owners, entrepreneurs who sell for a living and simply want sell & earn more to live the life of their dreams.




 This 6-week system includes:

  • Weekly multi-media training modules
  • Guidebooks and templates
  • Complete online training to access whenever you need
  • Unlimited email support to get your personal questions answered



An online workshop where participants build their own case studies relevant to their day to day situations. Participants internalize their newly learnt skillsthrough various exercises. The learning process is supported by webinars, live sessions where applicable, access to forums/communities for discussions.


How to win effortlessly in sales:

  • Fine tune your selling attitude and skill set
  • Engage you in the process oftakingownership of your sales career
  • Establish lasting positive sales habits to earn more money and achieve your goals


Territory sales planning:

  • Research on available sales prospects and opportunities
  • Target the biggest opportunities
  • Plan the sales visits to utilizeyour timeoptimally
  • Stick to your plan and avoid distractions
  • Capture sales activities and check what is working


How to get in the door and make them listen

  • Use the phone to get appointments
  • Establish rapport
  • Create a compelling opening statement


Identifying needs, building perceived value

  • Conduct need analysis through suitable listening and questioning skills
  • Match and preset your product/service in an accurate manner
  • Building perceived value to sell at full price


Closing, objection handling and negotiating

  • Develop effective closing skills
  • Handle objections tactfully
  • Plan and implement the negotiation


How to grow sales through referrals

  • Constantly generate referrals from existing clients
  • Identifying additional ways to generate referral 




Sales executives, key account managers, sales managers and other business professionals eager to improve their selling skills to achieve and exceed their goals. This program can also be ideal for standardizing the sales language within a team and can be used as a sales induction program for new hires.