Systematic B2B Selling


This course enables the participants to excel in developing and strengthening business relationships with their customers by being able to:

Clarify the systematic selling proposition and understanding the customerStructuring the systematic sales engagement strategyDelivering using the systematic sales approach


  weekly webinars  Lifetime online access

English, Arabic, Spanish and French


Why should you attend this program?

  • It has proven results that I’ve shared with over 60,000 people in more than 30 countries and on 5 continents.
  • You become better at selling more and therefore earn more!
  • Your new success will give you the freedom and satisfaction to enjoy your life


This will be a live workshop where participants build their own case studies relevant to their clients and learn to practice well planned engagement with their clients to generate desired results. Through role playing exercises, participants internalize their newly learned skills. The learning process is supported by webinars, live sessions where applicable, access to forums/communities for discussions.


Research analysis and planning

  • Understanding customer`s pressures
  • Macro environment analysis
  • Understanding the decision making process in business
  • Understanding factors influencing decision making process in client`s organization

Deep questioning

  • Defining different types of questioning styles
  • Design appropriate questions to understand customer`s needs
  • Use the right questions to elicit desired response

Closing and objection handling

  • Presenting appropriate solution
  • Strategies to prevent and answer objections
  • Closing the sales and getting agreement

Complex selling

  • Identifying the roles of various decision makers
  • Understanding their goals and objectives that can lead to a buying decisions
  • Identify blockers and competition and how to neutralize them.

Rapport building

  • Factors influencing rapport building
  • Identify your behavioral style
  • Understanding different behavioral styles and learning to read them
  • Acting according to different behavioral styles to ensure better response




Key account managers, sales professionals, sales managers, sales directors who want to elevate their sales skills to another level.