Systematic Negotiation Skills

This program allows participants to build long term relationships as a result of applying proven win/win negotiation strategies such as:

  • Understanding Negotiation
  • Underlying foundation of a successful negotiation
  • Planning the negotiation
  • Different negotiation styles
  • Behavioral styles and its effect on negotiation process

English, Arabic, Spanish and French


2-3 Days program supported with videos and audios, and weekly coaching and mentoring webinars.



This will be a live workshop where participants understand negotiation process and design their own case studies around their clients to generate desired results. Through role playing exercises, participants internalize their newly learned skills. The learning process is supported by webinars, live sessions where applicable, access to forums/communities for discussions.


Understanding and defining Negotiation

  • Defining negotiation
  • Negotiation the in sales process


Underlying foundation of a successful negotiation

  • Utilizing research and analysis to prepare for the negotiation
  • Identifying various stake holders and planning the strategy accordingly


Different negotiation styles

  • 4 negotiation styles
  • Applications of different negotiation styles


Behavioral styles and appropriate negotiation strategy

  • Identifying different behavioral styles
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different behavioral styles in a negotiation


Negotiation road map

  • Power analysis
  • Tradable options
  • Negotiation cycle
  • Buyers’ tricks
  • Dos and don’ts in a negotiation
  • Action plan frame




Account managers, brand managers, key field executives, sales managers and other business professionals eager to improve their negotiation skills will greatly benefit from this course.