Ammar Khayyat
Founder and CEO - Nibras.com
(The leading e-learning providers in the region)

I’m not exaggerating if I say this is one of the turning points in my life. The way of thinking, the experiences and the knowledge that I generated from Ramez was amazing. I witnessed a major change within the first 2 weeks after the program


Shridhar Sampath
MD - Motivaluate Consulting & Training FZ LLC, Dubai

Coming from a financial background, I didn’t really know how to really sell.I was going from meeting to meeting and getting frustrated.Within 2 week of attending the Program with Ramez, I closed my first 50,000 AED consulting deal!



 Franz Eramus
Practice Manager - CA Technologies, MENA region

Within a week of taking the course with Ramez, I closed a $100,000 deal that was stuck.


Pramod Kurian
COO - Pinnacle Technologies, Dubai

Together with my team, we were able to bring in an additional 1 million AED in business in less than 30 days just by applying Ramez’s ideas.  It brought structure and confidence.